Tuesday, March 6

Sebastian Coffee, Bintaro


Here i am, again! 
i gonna review about SEBASTIAN COFFEE which located near my house.
actually, this wasn't my first visit here, but its okey lah yaaaa...

Firstly, i ordered Cream soup as an appetizer. looks like zuppa soup, huh?
i love this! yeah..it tasted not bad.

Rate:   ««« 

then, i ordered Spinach Lasagna. wowww.. it was soooooooo yummy! me love this.
if you are a cheese lover, u should try this, coz it was full of cheese inside n outside.
seriously, so delicioso! recommended!

Rate:   ««««

another cheesy dish, Broccoli and cheese.
just like ordinary macaroni with cheese.
nothing special. but its okay if you want to order this.

Rate:   ««« 

this was my favourite, STRAWBERRY SMOOTHIES!!
recommended one!

Rate:   ««««

Well, i can say much about this coffee shop. but, i kinda like it. not too noisy, reasonable price, near from my house (bye traffic!), and nice environment. maybe ill visit this place again.

BYE guys! have a nice day..

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