Wednesday, January 6

New Year's Eve 2010

NYE 2010 was sooo fun!

Just did the same things like NYE 2009. Staying for a nite at grandma's house, sightseeing at senayan city, watching sherlock holmes, having dinner at foodcourt sency, go home then playing for fireworks.

Firstly, dad took me and my sis, dy at eyang's house. Then we directly went to senayan city to watch movie and meet up with my other cousin, astrid, there. She had bought us
tickets but she forgot to buy ticket fot herself! Wat a fool! Hahaaa.. Buy another one but she sit separately from us..

Sherlock holmes movie is so freaking awesome! I kept focus on the film and not felt asleep during the film as I always do hahaha =)

After that, we went to foodcourt sency. Me and my sis having koi teppanyaki for dinner. Astrid just ate frozen yoghurt by jco. Anissa had rice bowl for her dinner. We talked, we laughed, we took photos, we did all fun things. Just forget our problem out there..

Then, we went home. But I wanted to meet my boy even just for a while. Poor him, didn't hv any planning for this NYE.. We were searching for fireworks, we were eating (again!). I had dimsum, he bought ice durian avocado. Look so yummy but I cudnt eat a lot bcos it contains too much cholesterol u know. Fyuuh..

We played with fireworks at 00.00.. Yeaaahh.. Our neighbours play theirs too.. many colorful fireworks in the sky has made our NYE so fun-tastic!

Thanks for the time sharing this NYE with me.. See u next

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