Saturday, January 16

Avatar vs Pocahontas

What do u guys think about it?

Avatar and Pocahontas have similar story. Just change the name of the character and the place, and don't forget to give it extraordinary and extra budget for the effect,
Then traraaaaa... It becomes a new movie, avatar.

Over all, I still love avatar. Best movie I've ever watched! Greaatt job mister!
Ten thumbs up!

Hope that my country, my beloved Indonesia, could make a movie like u did, one day........ ☺ ☺ ☺


rumii said...

waa ternyata kabar bahwa "cerita avatar mirip pocahontas" udah segitu ngetopnyaa.

Nadia Fitriani said... udah tau lama siih.. cm baru gw post aja hehehee..
sampe ke jogja jg ya ternyataa..